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7 Reasons why you Should Pursue Your MBA in Canada

mba in canada

Canada has become one of the top destinations for higher education. As a developed nation, pursuing an MBA in Canada comes with an array of opportunities for the students. Canada also boasts of a multicultural environment, a simple immigration route, high earning work opportunities, and an easy path for getting Permanent residency (PR) and citizenship. 

As per the survey from GMAC, there has been a tremendous shift for Canada (a hike of +7.7% from last year) for applying in MBA courses. MBA in Canada offers students a comprehensive international educational experience along with a large number of advantages. Here is the broader picture of these advantages:

  1. Well established universities: Many of Canada’s top universities are regularly featured in well-recognized global rankings such as Academic Rankings of World Universities, QS Research, and Times Higher Education. There are various Canadian business schools in the lists, which is quite a significant achievement.

global mba ranking

Source: https://www.students.org/2014/07/29/top-5-reasons-mba-canada/

  1. Openness to International Students: Every year, half a million international students flock to study in Canada. It offers students an opportunity to experience living in a multicultural country.  Offering political stability with a peaceful environment and low crime rate, the government provides them with an education platform to study, train, and earn at their optimum level.
  2. Affordable Fees: Studying MBA courses in Canada is comparatively less expensive than in the USA and other countries. Fees for MBAs in Canada can vary from 10000 to 35000 CAD per year, an enormous gap of around 10000 US$ when compared to an average of USA (45000$), UK (44000$), Australia (43000$) [source]. The cost of studies and the cost of living is much lower in Canada than in many different study destinations.
  3. Quality Education: It offers internationally recognized degrees with quality education and excellent career opportunities. This enhances students’ earning potential. Canada’s top universities are some of the most sought after options. They offer a world-class learning experience to students.
  4. Value for your Money: Studying MBA in Canada is said to be the best investment for the future. An individual can earn up to $79,076 per year. It is the average salary of an MBA professional in Canada. Starting from $34,170 per year (at the entry-level), it can range up to $120,793 per year (to most experienced people).
  5. Friendly Visa and Path for Accessible Citizenship: Immigration procedures often require tiresome paperwork. But things are a whole less easy for international students when it comes to a Canadian student visa. Besides, the path for Canada PR and citizenship also becomes more accessible. 

study graph

Source: https://www.cicnews.com/2020/02/642000-international-students-canada-now-ranks-3rd-globally-in-foreign-student-attraction-0213763.html#gs.alb3ye

  1. Good stay back option: International students get a chance to apply for permanent residency in Canada immediately after completing their course. Canada offering cultural diversity, low PR restrictions, without any dearth of opportunity, turns out to be a more suitable option for many students. 


If you plan to do an MBA in Canada, then this is your time to take a step and keep aside all the hardships. Universities and Colleges offer an excellent learning curve for students. An MBA program in Canadian institutions focuses majorly on enhancing the knowledge base and helping students explore their disciplines to become top experts for the future. The international-friendly environment of Canada will give your personality a new look and will extend your horizons. 


FAQs about Studying in Canada 

Making it easier for students to confirm their decision to study in Canada, these are the top frequently asked questions by students –

1. Is it Reasonable to Do an MBA in Canada?

Ans: Providing not only international exposure at an economical budget, Universities in Canada also hold excellence in imparting knowledge. So yes, it is reasonable to do an MBA from Canada. 

2. Which Exam Is Required for an MBA in Canada?

Ans: To pursue MBA in Canada, students are required to prove their proficiency in several English based tests such as IELTS, TOEFL and GMAT. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5 score for admission to an MBA program.

3. Is it Easy to Get a Job after MBA in Canada?

Ans: As one of the developed nations, Canada offers numerous opportunities for MBA holders to get high earning job prospects. Industries are well established and prioritize aspirants who have  MBA from Canada. 

4. How can I study  MBA in Canada for free?

Ans: Currently, there are no universities in Canada that offer free education programs. Students have to earn a fully-funded scholarship to get relief from their course fees. Students with an excellent academic record, high GPA, IELTS/TOEFL, GRE score, etc., have higher chances of getting full scholarship programs from the universities. 

 5. How much scholarships can I get for an MBA in Canada?

Ans: Students can get a scholarship on average, which is twice of the tuition fees. It ranges from 10000 CAD $ to 20000 CAD $. 

Scholarship Amount (USD) Offered by
Women in Business Excellence Award Up to 10,000 Rotman School of Management
MBA Excellence Award Up to 20,000 Rotman School of Management
Global Business Leader of Tomorrow Up to 10,000-15,00 Sauder School of Business
Ivey MBA Scholarship Up to 10,000 Ivey Business School
MBA Entrance Scholarship Up to 7500-11,500 Haskayne School of Business
Scotiabank Scholarships Up to 20,000 Schulin School of Business

6. Which university in Canada has the lowest tuition fee?

Ans: To pursue  MBA in Canada, students are required to pay different provincial tuition fee based on location such as Royal Roads university between 3,750-27,600 CAD per year, Memorial University of Newfoundland, it varies from 2,150 to 11,460 CAD/ year and the University of Saskatchewan range 4,110- 24,000 CAD per year.

 7. How can I get a scholarship to study in Canada?

Ans: Students who have an excellent academic record and have applied for a full-time graduate program with valid study permits can only apply for the scholarships to study in Canada. Consultants can help students in filling the scholarship application to get a grant from institutions. 

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