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Are you thinking about deferring your MS Fall 2020 admissions?

Are you thinking about deferring your MS Fall 2020 admissions?

Currently, the worldwide news is confusing and you’re still on edge about pursuing your higher education during these times of uncertainty. In fact, several Universities are making provisions for their Fall 2020 batch which include flexible deposit payment dates and extended enrollment deadlines among others. We talk about these provisions with regard to our supported Universities here.

For those of you who are yet to confirm your admissions with your dream University and are contemplating deferring your admissions, we’ve got a comprehensive guide on what it means to defer your admissions and how to go about it too!

What does it mean to defer your college admissions?

Deferring your admissions is simply a delay or pushback on your admissions, either from your side or the university. It means that you haven’t accepted yet, but potentially might later. Essentially, it means that your admissions will be reviewed again later and you are not entitled to accepting the school either.

A few universities have policies in place for deferment. However, in the current light of things, many more are putting in place flexible policies on deferment for their students. Universities such as Stevens Institute of Technology are allowing admitted students to defer from the Fall 2020 semester to the spring semester of next year if their F-1 visa can’t be secured in time. Similarly, Arizona State University and Boston University are open to deferring semesters whereas the University of Virginia, Texas A&M and Northeaster University have left the deferment option to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Still, others are providing students with the choice between online learning and deferment.

We highly recommend that you read our guide on the steps your universities are taking for the same.

How does it work?

The process is simple so no need to worry! Here’s what you can do, to begin with:

Note: Admissions must be officially accepted to put in a deferral request.

What do we recommend for you to do?

For one, reach out to your target schools and find out all your options regarding your deadlines, admissions decisions, and enrolment or deferrals.

Next, think long and hard about your individual barriers. Put down a list of pros and cons; all of which will help you make your decision with ease at the later stage.

It’s highly possible that you may find that each institution has different policies and plans in place right now. But your proactive inquiries will keep you armed with the knowledge necessary to make the best decision that suits you best.

Finally, whether you’re accepting or deferring admissions, Leap Finance is here for you. Reach out to us for any queries, information or funding questions, we’ll answer them for you in no time!

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