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Average Expense of Pursuing MS in the US

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The cost of studying abroad is one of the main factors for stopping your learning curve. The study and living costs in the United States are crucial factors in determining whether the US is a feasible destination for higher studies. The tuition fee for the MS in the US varies by university, training, and city in each region. 

How much does it cost you to finish your MS in the USA? We have summarized most of the factors here, and you will get a fair idea of MS costs in the US. We have split the cost to study abroad with different masters courses in the United States. 

Expenses Of MS In US

Factors Fee
GRE $205
TOEFL $170
University application cost $107 per application
Additional Program Expenses
College letter heading transcripts
– Varies– USD 160 
VISA Charges  $360
Airfare USD 534 up to USD 801
Tuition Fees USD 40,000
Cost of living about $15,000 annually for two years

Examination Fee of the GRE (Graduate Record Examination):

Normally this is the first step into the entire MS journey in the USA. The test costs 205 dollars. It becomes one of the most important parts of your study abroad plan.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL):

While you can skip the GRE test for MS USA (certain universities still take applications without GRE), you can not miss TOEFL. The universities need to know your language skills, and thus, at least during the VISA interview, it is a mandatory test, if not at the time of applications. The test expense is 170 dollars (or 12,600 INR).

US University application cost:

Fees range from $50 (INR 3700) to $100 (INR 7400) per university. Remember to also send your official GRE and TOEFL test scores through ETS and which will add a further $47 (GRE: $27 and TOEFL: $20)

Students apply on average to ten American universities, and the overall estimate is:

Application fees (60 dollars) + Submitting GRE and TOEFL ratings (27 dollars+20 dollars) = 107 dollars. 

Additional Program Expenses:

This list can now be lengthy and may vary significantly from one candidate to another. 

However, in this category, normal expenses are as follows:

a) For counselling: They are not just expenditures such as those we mentioned before. Many students take GRE training courses and appoint MS admission advisors to see some returns – as a better chance for a scholarship.

(b) College letter heading transcripts (about 15 copies), Bank accounts (15 copies), Affidavit (15 copies) with names of the sponsors (15 copies), and University dispatch (major expense for the lot). This should not cost more than Rs. 12,000 altogether.


Upon receipt, you have to pay a VISA fee of $160, following the $200 charge – which makes it a total of $360. Along with that, you have to submit the official university document that specifies that you live in the United States, and the sum to be spent for the year.


Economy Class single way flights vary from Rs.40,000 up to Rs.80,000, depending on your city, location, and airline. 

Tuition Fees:

It is a complex cost and varies from university to university. For a comprehensive list of universities with tuition fees and more details, see the list of university reviews at Yocket. 

The tuition fee for a two year MS program can be estimated to be USD 40,000 (INR 29,60,000). You may, of course, receive bonds or other financial assistance that can reduce how much you pay. 

Cost of Living:

An average student expects to spend between $500 and $1100 per month. You will spend about $15,000 (INR 11,10,000) if your course lasts two years. 



Studying in the US can become very expensive, but you can apply for a number of international bursaries offered by American universities and colleges in advance if you intend to study. 

This can be partially or fully payable, depending on the qualifications, classes and organizations, to meritorious foreign students to help fund their studies. The American government, as well as numerous private and public institutions, are now offering several study abroad scholarships and bursaries. 

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