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Best Career Options After Finishing Your MS in Computer Science

Best Career Options After Finishing Your MS in Computer Science

Today, the world is moving at a pace where just being a graduate might not land you in your desired workplace. Everybody has a graduation degree and is taking up low paying jobs after graduation. Therefore, a master’s degree would give you an edge over others. Pursuing a master’s in Computer Science is a viable option for those looking to pursue a career in this field. Also, various tech companies have different challenging and high paying roles for people with MS in Computer Science.

Taking up MS in Computer Science

There are different colleges for MS in Computer Science across the globe. You can check the eligibility criteria for these colleges over the web and apply to a college that delivers the core values you expect from your course. An MSC in Computer Science can be done from countries like the USA and Canada, which are known for their STEM education and specialize in tech education.

Once you decide on moving abroad for your master’s in Computer Science, you can take financial help. This makes your MS in Computer Science experience hassle-free in terms of finance. You can choose from several colleges for MS. The interest rate would be decided depending on the credibility of the institution. 

Is an MS in Computer Science worth it?

It depends on what career path you want to tread on. In case you want to work with technology and innovation companies, your MS in Computer Science degree would help you a lot. These companies are continually looking for people who have completed masters in Computer Science. Your chances of getting a well-paying job are equally high if you have an MSC in Computer Science.

MS in Computer Science will make you ready for the market and will enhance and build your skills. Also, the pay gets substantially increased if you have a master’s degree. 

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Popular jobs in Computer Science after MS in Computer Science

A master’s in computer science will open the door to unlimited opportunities and career paths. Companies are now preferring to hire people with a master’s degree, which ensures more expertise and knowledge. Listed below are some of the career options which can be opted by an MS in Computer Science:


  • Big Data Analyst


Analysts are in demand in all kinds of companies. Also, with many companies transitioning towards business analytics, the demand of these people with an MS in computer science is increasing with every passing day. These analysts work closely with data architects to come up with a different problem-solving algorithm. You will work in an ecosystem where you will make use of different tools and techniques to come up with modern solutions.

Average Salary: $62,453


  • Machine Learning Specialist


With the implementation of artificial learning everywhere, machine learning is becoming increasingly popular. Companies are looking forward to hiring people with expertise in machine learning. This job deals with creating advanced logarithms, which are then used to create automation. An MS in computer science is an ideal fit for such a job.

Average Salary: $54.441


  • Data Scientist 


These people have expertise in managing huge sets of data and applying different models to them. You can take up data science as your specialization subject while studying MS in Computer Science. Data Scientists lead major projects on data analytics and deal with huge volumes of data regularly.

Average Salary: $95,000


  • Blockchain Developer


The blockchain technology is the new star of the show. Blockchain companies are looking for people who can build up better products on technology. Blockchain developers handle everything from research to the practical implementation of the technology. Also, these developers are paid well.  An ideal blockchain developer must understand the subject’s nuances, and an MS in Computer Science will help your cause. 

Average Salary: $75,000


  • Full-Stack Developer


These professionals take care of the programming and coding of different software and applications. They write long codes to generate a result in the form of solutions. Full-stack developers provide a holistic approach to things. Therefore, they should try and also learn the basics of graphic design, which can also be used while developing software.

Average Salary: $106,000


  • Network Architects


Network Architects are responsible for building network channels and data communication networks. They make use of cloud infrastructure to work across locations and build up a sustainable network for people.

Average Salary: $84,428


  • Database Administrator


They are responsible for data storage and management, along with tracking multiple software purchases. They are also in charge of monitoring database changes and implementing safety protocols and other security measures. This function will also make use of your analytical skills, which are easily built while you are pursuing your MS in Computer Science.

Average Salary: $78,779

What is the highest paying computer science job? 

A Software developer professional earns around $110,000 per year. (Source) A degree in MSc or MS will help you in becoming one.

Source: Code.org

What is the salary of MSCs?

People with masters in Computer Science are paid well owing to the high demand of these professionals and low supply as people are not quite motivated to pursue higher education. According to Forbes, the Masters in Computer Science has been ranked as the second-best masters’ degree so far. An ideal software engineer is paid around $92,786. Software developers are paid in the range of $83,000 to $1,43,000. Network architects are paid quite high. Also, software developers get around $150,000.

Best career options after MS in CS 

An MS in Computer Science will be of great utility if you want to make a career in computer science. A degree in computer science can open several new opportunities and earn at the topmost of your profession.

Especially getting to work with trending technologies such as Big data, Machine learning, Data handling, Blockchain, Network architects, Database management, and full-stack developers. 

The best career options include:

  1. Computer and Information Systems Manager
  2. Research Scientists
  3. Network Architects 
  4. Software Development Engineer
  5. Information Security Analysts

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