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Is Doing An MBA In The USA Worth It?

Is Doing An MBA In The USA Worth It?

Pursuing an MBA in the USA is the biggest dream for a lot of young graduates and working professionals across the world. With the global advancement in the quality of education, a lot of people are now preferring an MBA from the USA to get excellent career opportunities. American universities are most popular for a post-graduate program in business administration. Any international student with a Bachelor’s degree of three years is eligible for an MBA in the USA. You will need to qualify for both GMAT and GRE examinations. 

Is Studying MBA in the USA Really Worth it?

The USA boasts 51 of the world’s top 100 management schools. That is definitely a number to consider while making the decision to study abroad. The USA, being home to some of the largest global corporations, generates a lot of demand for management trainees every year. 

Placements are also an important factor while choosing the best MBA School in the USA. According to the Princeton Review’s Colleges That Pay You Back, Harvey Mudd College ranks number one in terms of return on investment. Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking, on the other hand, ranks universities in terms of recruiter preferences and considers Harvard University to be the frontrunner. Therefore, pursuing an MBA in either of these two prestigious institutes can reap rich rewards.

  • Become entrepreneurial: 

An MBA in the USA will teach you essential skills in management, strategy and operations. These are the core pillars of any business and will help you start your own in the future.

  • Top of the Corporate Ladder:

Post-graduates in Business Administration are high in demand from the middle to senior leadership roles. And this is true of any corporation in the world. 

  •  Lucrative Packages:

A whopping 70% of senior managers and directors in big corporations, hold an MBA degree. This substantially increases your earning potential compared to other degrees.

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Advantages of Studying MBA in the USA

Here are the top ten advantages of getting an MBA in the USA:

  1. Increased lifetime earning potential.
  2. Increased employability and chances of getting hired.
  3. Professional network with the best in the industry.
  4. Build your expertise and expand your horizons.
  5. Builds strategic leadership skills for big businesses.
  6. Transferable skills that are in demand across industries.
  7. Increases credibility through an envious portfolio.
  8. Better time management and communication skills.
  9. Better job security, especially during economic adversities.
  10. Expands professional opportunities.

Average Salary Breakdown by Industry

Choosing your MBA specialization correctly is important to shape your career. Be sure to match your aspirations with your capabilities. Along with this, do a comparative analysis of the career options for each course. 


Is MBA Difficult for an Average Student?

The answer is NO. The subjects taught in MBA require applied thinking and sound research. With a little bit of perseverance and hard work, an average student can sail through an MBA course. 

If you consider yourself an average student, follow these simple steps to crack and get through your MBA course:

  1. Focus on maintaining consistent grades.
  2. Work hard for good scholarships that add to your portfolio.
  3. Prepare for mid-management jobs to start off with. 
  4. Build your co-curricular portfolio along with your academics.
  5. Stop undermining your potential. 

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The long-term benefits of an MBA in the USA clearly outweigh the costs it entails. Expenses that are heavy on the pockets for a young Indian graduate, jumping into the unknown, can easily be taken care of by scholarships or education loans. 

Don’t let numbers deter you. If an MBA in the USA is what you dream for, sign up on Leap Finance today and enjoy the benefits for the rest of your lives!


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