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Looking for a Fully Online Study Abroad Loan? Here’s How to Know If You’re Eligible!

Looking for a Fully Online Study Abroad Loan? Here’s How to Know If You’re Eligible!

Oh yes, the days of impatiently waiting for that one email from that much-anticipated University/School finally came through and — of course — you’ve got in!

All of those hours of working on LORs, SOPs and recommendations have finally paid off. But what happens next? You’ve got your financial footing mentally figured out but the big question remains: How do I get started with my education loan?

That’s where Leap Finance steps in. We know that young Indians, much like you, are seeking to go beyond geographical boundaries to make your dreams a reality. You want to study at the best global Universities/Schools and pursue successful global careers. We ourselves wouldn’t want any less for you! And that’s why we’ve created financial solutions for you to make all this — and more! — a possibility! Our graduate student loans are designed specifically for Indian students and the process is friendly, merit-based and super quick. Need we say more or have we motivated you sufficiently?

But before we get into the process of applying for an education loan with Leap Finance, we thought we’d first take you through the eligibility criteria. So here are some of the most common eligibility questions we get asked by students. Read on.

The Big Q: How do I know if I’m eligible?

Great question to start with! You are eligible for an education loan if you are:
● An Indian citizen or a resident of India
● 18 years of age or above
● A local Indian co-signer with credit score
● Applying to or admitted to one of the courses we fund for the 2020 Fall
application season*

*This includes STEM MS courses in 13 US states including Texas, Arizona, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Utah, Virginia, New Jersey and Wisconsin.
** Our loan is applicable for 2200+ programmes at 220+ schools at 94 universities.

What factors do not impact eligibility?

We, at Leap Finance, prefer to assess students on the basis of their merit and
professional career. In this regard, the following factors do not impact eligibility:
● Work experience
● Credit score (of the student)
● Economic background

Keeping these points in mind ensures that your loan gets approved smoothly, minus any potential hiccups or rejections.
Now that we’ve got your eligibility questions out of the way, you are ready to begin your loan application process.

All you need to do is submit your 10 min application on our website and you’ll receive your unique loan terms shortly after!

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