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Top 5 MBA Colleges in Canada and Their Fee Structure

mba colleges in canada

As a developed nation with a wide scope and numerous opportunities, Canada is among the top choices for pursuing an MBA. The education system in the country is quite well-established. Several colleges & universities are globally recognized, regularly ranking among the topmost in international surveys. 

Also, Canada boasts of immigration friendly rules to obtain permanent residency and later, a clear path to citizenship as well. Other attractive features include a high standard of living, multi-cultural society, freedom of college life,  part-time work possibilities, and a stable economy to offer aspirants top earning potential jobs for their future. 

Here is a list of the top 5 MBA colleges in Canada and their fee structure:

MBA College  Fee Structure
The Rotman School of Management $120,680
Desautels Faculty of Management $26,500
Smith School of Business $70,000
Ivey Business School $85,000
Schulich Schools of Business $36,000


  1. The Rotman School of Management

Located in the financial hub at Downtown, Toronto; The Rotman School of Management, one of the best MBA colleges in Canada, is affiliated to the University of Toronto. Having been listed as one of the best business schools around the globe, The Rotman School of Management also provides a variety of courses along with study abroad scholarships for them. The cost of tuition for the same is about $120,680.

     2. Desautels Faculty of Management

The MBA of the Desautels Faculty of Management is ranked as the best MBA course in Canada by various accredited magazines around the globe. This McGill’s University’s College has to its name a variety of study abroad scholarships.  The tuition fee will be up to $ 26,500 per year. 

     3. Smith School of Business

The iconic Smith School of Business of Queen’s University, being one of the top MBA Colleges in Canada is also a go-to place for all MBA abroad aspirants. The tuition fee rounds up to around $70,000 per annum. While it is a great college to study from, it is also a college with one of the most diverse bases of international students with opportunities for cultural integrity and global exposure. 

       4. Ivey Business School

The reputation of the Ivey Business School precedes itself. While its tuition fee is almost $85,000 per annum, it is one of the best MBA Colleges in Canada. The respect, recognition and the annual salary cheque that comes with an Ivey Business School on your resume is unmatched! 

    5. Schulich Schools of Business

The Schulich Schools of Business of York University is one of the best MBA colleges in Canada to pursue an MBA abroad. Its tuition fee averages around $18,000 per term. Not only is the Schulich School of Business highly accredited and globally recognized but is also highly feasible with a diverse base of specializations in MBA. 

Canada has proved to be one of the most sought-after destinations for MBA education around the globe. The warmth of the professional environment, the quality of education and its feasibility make Canadian education all the more appealing. 


  1. How much does MBA cost in Canada? 

Cutting straight to the chase, MBA in Canada would (on an average) cost around $35,000. The prices may fluctuate with the kind of university or the kind of specialization you pursue. It is also true that MBA Colleges in Canada would cost far less when compared to most universities around the world, while the quality of education does not decline. From its unique method of teaching to its wide exposure to the global mix of cultures and traditions, Canada is one of the best destinations to study abroad. 

      2. How many years does it take for an MBA in Canada?

Most colleges and universities offer MBA courses for two years. Still, there are many courses of 18 months duration, also known as accelerated MBA. Students get a work permit for three (3) years and can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency to enjoy staying in this spectacular land. 

     3. Is the GMAT score a must for pursuing an MBA course in Canada?

Good GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores are one of the main requirements in several top MBA colleges. A minimum GPA of 3.0 – 3.5 (more than 70%) can get you admission in top MBA courses. 


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