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Under lockdown? Want loan for MS in US? Learn how!

Under lockdown? Want loan for MS in US? Learn how!

The coronavirus outbreak, which originated in China, has infected more than 200,000 people & counting. Businesses are left counting costs and students around the globe have returned home in this time of uncertainty. As for the education sector, Universities and Colleges are still open to enrolling for the 2020 Fall Semester; albeit with slightly delayed timelines. Up until last year, April & May were peak months for students to get going with their admission and visa procedures. I-20 Forms are also been processed slower than usual.

Moreover, every country has set in stone a unique mechanism to help cope with the outbreak as well as flatten the curve and prevent the surge of new cases. As the numbers rise, India too has proactively taken steps, that of social distancing with a nation-wide lockdown in effect.

Well, not all is bleak in the world right now. There still is plenty reason to rejoice.

Many students have already received admissions and are uncertain about how to proceed with your next steps: funding and loans. While several Indian banks and lenders demand a physical application processLeap Finance provides students with a completely online, digital first platform to process education loans in just a few simple steps!

You needn’t fret about stepping outdoors or social distancing. And you most definitely needn’t worry about sacrificing your dreams of studying abroad or turning down your dream University. Each one of your sleepless nights and stress eating binge will eventually pay off, we’re positive!

On to the important bits, here’s how you can go about the loan application process with Leap Finance in a few simple steps:

  • Visit leapfinance.com
  • Click on the big, blue ‘Submit Application’ button
  • Enter your details and receive your loan terms in 10 minutes
  • Submit your documents
  • Receive sanction letter in 3 days or less
  • And finally, sign your loan agreement!

And that’s about it. You’ll have your full, upfront loan sanction within 72 hours of submitting your loan application without the fuss of having to step outside of your homes! What’s more, we provide loans at a marginally lower rate than most other Indian lenders today, i.e., at a rate of 8–10% with a 1.5–2% sanction fee.

All-set to get going? Get started with your process right here!

Have more queries and want to speak to our team? No worries, you can get in touch with us directly on WhatsApp or overcall on +91 99866 01853.

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