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What are the Future Prospects of MS (Data Science) in the US?

ms in data sceience

Are you thinking about pursuing MS in data science in the US? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. In this blog, we will discuss the future prospects of MS in data science in the USA. 

What is the Future of Data Science?

In 2017, LinkedIn declared data science as the fastest-growing occupation. Data Science has remarkably emerged as the leading field in the last two decades and showing tremendous scope for the future. With ever-growing data dependencies, enterprises need intelligent decisions to grapple in competitive markets. In the course of MS in data science in the US, the students will learn about the python programming language, big data technology, visualization technique, data mining mechanism, machine learning technology, and much more. According to the United States of Labor Statistics, data science employment is expected to increase by 20% by 2026. There is a need for the availability of reliable information in order to develop meaningful business data. Hence, the future path of MS in data science is quite favorable. 

Why is Data Science the Career of the Future?

Currently, Data science is at the peak level as professionals earn among the topmost in their industry. As more and more businesses are now leveraging data in their procedures to utilize data-driven technologies to make business decisions in various methods. The more data being stored, the higher is the demand for data scientists. Hence, enterprises will need a Master in Data to examine that information and develop meaningful insights to have a market-wise edge. Data science includes several concepts of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet Of Things. With technological advancements, the impact of data science technology has expanded drastically. 

Data science skills can transform your career path. Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst are some of the big job positions in several industry verticals. 

  • Data Engineer: The job role of a data engineer requires a lot of coding skills and software development. A data engineer also develops the data pipelines for the company. 
    • Skills Required: You should have the following skills if you want to become a data engineer.
      • High-level understanding of software development
      • Advanced level of coding skills in Python
      • Advanced understanding of SQL
    • Job Prospects: The available jobs for data engineers are such as data architecture, data platform engineer, analytics engineer, and DevOps engineer. The Average Salary of a Data Engineer is $132,700. Data engineers get promoted to senior-level engineering roles with continued experience. After that, you can also move into high engineering positions.  
  • Data Scientist: The major responsibility of data scientists is to develop models of deep learning to make precise predictions on the basis of past information. The role of data scientists may vary from organization to organization. Still, the main activities revolve around handling the data cycle.  
    • Skills Required: You should have the following skills if you want to become a data scientist.
    • Strong knowledge of Data visualization techniques
    • Strong knowledge of machine deep learning methods
    • Advanced programming skills in either R or Python language
    • Intermediate level of SQL queries
    • Intermediate level of knowledge on various advanced tools
    • Strong knowledge of statistics

    Job Prospects:  The available jobs for data engineers are such as data science generalist, machine learning scientists, statistician, machine learning engineer, application architecture, and infrastructure architect. The Average Salary of a Data Scientist is $128,200. If you get a promotion as a data scientist then your job position will be of a senior data scientist. From here, you can also speed up your career path by specializing in machine learning skills. This step would maximize your earnings.

  • Data Analyst:  The position of Data Analyst is considered as an entry-level role. The main responsibility of a data analyst is to look at the organization data. Data Analyst communicates the answers to business questions. The role of a data analyst in an organization is to access the business data, cleaning data operation, and statistical analysis of business data. the data analyst may have to work with several different teams. 
    • Skills required: You should have the following skills if you want to become a data analyst.
      • A strong understanding of SQL queries
      • Entry-level knowledge of data visualization
      • Data science programming skills
      • Good level of probability skills
      • Communication skills
      • Skills to analyze complicated data
    • Job Prospects: Your career as a data analyst is fairly open as it includes a broad variety of job positions. The available jobs for data analysts are such as data analytics consultant, scientific data analyst, operation analyst, and quantitative analyst. The Average Salary of a Data Analyst is $68,800. To speed up your career as a data analyst, you should pursue your data science skills at an advanced level. You can also focus on deep learning techniques. In the future, you can also get promoted as a senior data analyst. 

Hence, the data science sector has a lot of scope in obtaining the topmost positions in any organization. 

What Kind of Job can you Get With a Data Science Degree?

After MS in data science in the US, the job that you will get can be from any industry using data-driven technology. There are several career opportunities for students of master in data such as research analyst, data analyst, computer scientist, data administrator, data engineer, marketing analyst, data scientist, survey analyst, data architect and many more. 

Is a Data Scientist an IT job?

Yes, the position of the data scientist is an IT job involving python programming, software development, data mining and coding. The role includes technical programming to examine large sets of data generally known as ‘Big Data’.

Top Universities for Masters in Data Science in the US

The United States of America has various top universities for pursuing Data science courses. 

Some of the top ones are listed below:

  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • Yale University
  • University of California
  • John Hopkins University
  • Columbia University

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