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F1, H1B & OPT Visa holders are also eligible

Reduce your student loan interest to 11.5%*

  • Get your loan refinanced in 3 days*
  • Save up to $20,000*"
  • Successfully financed more than 2000 users
International student saving thousands of dollars by refinancing her education loan through a quick online process
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Our loans expert will call you to explain the refinancing process.

What is refinancing?

Refinancing a loan means paying back your current loan with another loan taken at a lower interest rate. Refinancing helps you lower your EMI payments, so you can save more money!

Why choose us?

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Fixed Interest Rate

Get the same interest rate for the entire tenure. No fluctuations, ever.

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Build Strong USA Credit History

Having a strong credit history will let you get credit cards and loans easily.

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No Prepayment Charges

Close your loan faster by prepaying without any additional fees.

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Apply from the US

Refinance your loan while in the US on a visa, without a green card.

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No collateral worries

Refinancing with Leap allows you to free up any collateral pledged initially.

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24x7 Support

Get dedicated help in your refinancing process, anytime.

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F1, H1B & OPT Visa holders are also eligible

Who can apply for Leap

For Professionals

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Staying in Supported states

Refinance your loan in 5 simple steps

Start your application by entering your personal, academic and cosigner details


Get a loan offer based on your profile


Accept the offer and upload your address details along with important documents


Get sanction letter, and sign the contract


Get the money credited to your US Bank Account!


Trusted by 1,238+ students & working professionals

When I refinanced my loan, Leap paid off my current student loan and gave me a new collateral-free loan at a much lower interest rate. I got a new loan at just 7.7% (I was paying 13.5% on my old loan 🤯). I still can't believe it!
Abhishek Rai  linkedin icon
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They paid off my old loan and gave me a new one at 8.5% interest, plus it is collateral-free, Which works out great for me. The interest rate is fixed hence it covers me from the expected market fluctuations also.
Nilav Bharatkumar Vaghasiya  linkedin icon
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Frequently asked questions

What is refinancing?

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Refinancing is when you take another loan to pay off your existing loan. In this case, you'll be taking a new loan at a lower interest rate to pay off your existing education loan to reduce your EMIs.

Who is eligible for this education loan refinancing?

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Students/Working Professionals who have an active loan for studying in a Masters program in STEM in the US are eligible for refinancing.

What's the loan amount that I can apply for?

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You can check your outstanding balance with your existing loan provider and take the loan for the same amount with us. When you get the money from us in your US Bank account, you can pay off your existing loan.

In which currency will I get the loan?

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You'll get the loan in USD in your US Bank account which you can use to pay off your existing education loan. Once you have paid off the current loan, you need to make the EMI payments in USD.

Can I pre-pay the loan anytime I want? Are there any charges on pre-payment?

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Yes, you can easily make additional EMI payments as and when you want. There are no charges on the pre-payment of education loans.

How can I get tax benefit from the loan?

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The student loan interest deduction allows you to deduct up to $2,500 for the interest which you paid during the year on qualifying student loans. Student loan interest is deductible if your modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), is less than $70,000. Read more here

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